Working Remotely: The New Revolution

Working remotely is not part of a revolution some would argue. But I would argue that working remotely, or working from home, has not been as popular since colonial days when most operated their own business.

Back then trading and bartering was a way of life. And at the time more people worked for themselves out of their homes or small shops. This was the norm.

Of course with the industrial revolution hundreds of years later people began to work for large companies and industries. The colonial times had passed. But oh, if we could get back to the simplicity of working from home.

Well, as I look into the near future it surely appears that something big is happening. More and more people are looking for jobs they can work remotely. In addition, more companies are offering these opportunities as some of the best talents are beginning to be interested in working remotely.

Independence and Working Remotely

working from homeIf there is one particular theme which is magnified when it comes to working remotely it's independence. And when the average person who works an office job talks about others who work from home that work comes up over and over again: independence.

Though the majority of people who work from home still work for companies and organization throughout the world that since of independence comes from the ability to use more flexibility. For instance, the average work from home agent has more control when it comes to setting their schedules, lunch breaks, vacations, and the number of hours worked withing a given time.

And all of this without the nagging manager hanging over your shoulder. And of course you can't forget about those dirty office politics. Pew! So indeed, when working from home the average person will have more independence.

The Freedom of Working from Home

Freedom is another word that comes up when discussing work from home professionals. As mentioned above, work from home agents have plenty of advantages with schedules. But when one is able to create his or her own work environment, that's freedom.

Imagine waking up with a cold. Let's say it's nothing serious but you're really not feeling up to looking your best. Well, let's work in your fashionable pajamas. You wouldn't have to worry about how you look because you're working at home. Freedom! Freedom to dress, or not dress, is your to take advantage of. You are your own boss and the decision is your. That's freedom. And if you want to eat at your work station without hearing any slack from the boss... Well, you can do that to if you are working remotely.

The Work from Home Revolution

Advancements in technology is making it easier for companies to set employees up to work remotely. This trend started about a decade ago and seems to be picking up a lot of notice. Companies are now even touting how they are in the forefront of this work from home revolution as they try to attract good talent.

This revolution is also energizing Americans to take advantage of these advances in technology as well. More people see this as an opportunity to start small businesses working from home.

Twenty years ago there were many challenges in working from home. However, now all one really needs is internet connection, a computer, and phone. That's about it. The rise in self employed people is on the rise and we will probably never go back to the time when everyone worked in huge factories or warehouses. Thank goodness!

If you are interested in companies which hire work from home agents I have a short list here. Also, if you'd like to set up an office of your own here are a few pointers along with a short video that will get you going.

Last, feel free to reach out to Synergy Service Solution for their latest listing on work from home jobs. They can help you get started if you're looking to work remotely.