Working from Home Versus Working a Traditional Office Job

Comparing Differences Between: Working from Home v.s Working in a Traditional Office Setting

There are too many subtopics to cover when comparing working from home opposed to working in the typical business office. Depending on the position and job there may be differences in insurance coverage, employee versus contracted, average hourly wage, and so forth.

Therefore in this post I’ll only cover what I hear most people question, which have more to do with the experience of working from home. People want to know if people who work from home are truly happier. To that I’ll let you be the judge. First let’s look at working in a typical 9 to 5 work-space. Then we’ll cover working from home.

The Burden of Working in Typical Office Environments

One of the scariest things one can do is to start something new. For instance, taking a new class or starting a new job. Both can be a bit scary, especially starting a new job because there is usually a great deal of uncertainty. Job description can be thrown out the window. Employers build-up positions and sell them to desperate job seekers. Employees slowly become aware that the job description wasn’t exactly accurate. On top of this there is a level of confusion because half of the responsibilities weren’t covered so who knows what the hell you are supposed to do. And then overworked is defined, daily.

So when most hear of an opportunity to work from home the first thought is wonder. While working from home sounds great one may be missing out. You may need to be micro-management. Perhaps playing office-politics is your cup of tea. Gossip at the water cooler could be your thing. Overworked may be a sought passion.

Or, maybe you can find the perfect opportunity to work from home and get away from all of this madness.

The Ease of Working from Home: Structure and Balance

Working from home come with certain benefits you just will not get working in a traditional office setting. When working at an office you have no control over most things, from how close you set to the coworker who always comes in with a cold in some sort of almost seemingly weird attempt to pass it on to you, to how abnormal it is that one of the two bathrooms is always out of order. We’re subject to the environment and have to live with it regardless of how unbearable it may be. But when working from home you are in total control. Structure and balance are within reach.

For one, you’re working environment can be whatever you want it to be as far as look and feel. Of course you’ll need a dedicated room or spot for your work-space. Aside from this you get to structure things how you see fit. If you want to have your things set up whereas you set next to a window, great! The bathroom is as good and clean as you keep it; no surprises. You can work with the peace of mind that no one within reach will pass you the flu or some awful God-forsaken ailment. And you can actually put the printer within arms-length. How about that?

In addition to setting your office space up to your standards you’ll usually get to manage time more efficiently. Most refer to this as work-life balance. Work at home agents usually have more control over their schedule. Employers are more concerned with agents handling the business of the day and offer flexibility in exchange. Therefore an agent may work part of the day in the morning and the other half at night or late evening. There may be a required amount of hours but those hours can often be split. Creating a schedule that works for you benefits the agent and the employers. So having this structure and balance benefits the company as well as the agent.

The Better of the Two: An Office Job or the Work from Home Job

So which is the best? I can’t answer that because it depends of which of the two you’d prefer. If pay is roughly the same with give and take in other areas such as benefits and work-life balance I’d prefer working with a company which would allow me to work from home. Employees are often paid more working in the traditional setting, but once gas, travel time, and automobile ware and tare are factored, pay difference is significantly reduced if not diminished. Furthermore in most cases there are huge tax benefits work from home professionals enjoy. You’ll need to talk to a tax professional to get the scoop on that.

But in a nutshell people who work from home, in my opinion, tend to be happier. Having more control of work schedules, the absence of micro-management, minus office politics and gossip has advantages. Summing it all up, work from home professional truly benefit because they are usually in a position to create a work environment that works for them individually. That’s huge because if you have to work why not work in a place where you’d love to work. Work from home.

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