Three Huge Benefits of Working from Home

Working at home office

Why Agents Love Working from Home

There is a reason behind the dream of working from home. The dream is one which escapes most people. The dream of having flexibility, that thought of freedom, and the idea of self management are all things which most want. Yet, the benefits of working from home are often shadowed by naysayers, those who have never had the opportunity, and those who will never be brave enough to take a chance on themselves.

Unless one has worked for herself in her own environment she has not experienced freedom. The benefits of working from home are endless. Some appreciate being able to use the bathroom more comfortably. Coffee enthusiasts love being able to make a great cup of coffee for a change. The high school setup of most offices aren’t a thing many desire either.

Though the above mentioned reasons are shared and beloved by some who work from home there are far greater reasons most work at home professions and agents wouldn’t give up their jobs for the world.

With that said, here are three huge benefits of working from home.

Home Office: No Hellish Traffic

For many in any metropolitan area and large cities traffic can be hellish. Some would prefer an all-night nightmare opposed to getting up in the morning and driving to work in an endless maze of automobiles.

The average trip time to work for Americans being about 50 minutes. Traffic can be a big burden. If you look at travel-time during areas that receive winter blasts of snow that average time can easily double. In some states like Georgia all you have to do is have a heavy rain and the traffic gridlock begins.

It is easy to see why those who work from home hold this as one of the main benefits. When all that has to be done is cranking up the coffee maker, walking to a home office, turning on the computer, anyone could see the advantage in trip time.

Working from home and Vacation Time

Being able to schedule vacation time when you actually want to take a vacation is another huge benefit of working from home. For example, when working with Synergy Service Solutions most companies allow you to schedule time off that works for you. In most companies this isn’t true. Employees are forced to schedule vacation time around when businesses allow them to do so. When individuals work with Synergy they have the advantage of creating their own schedules, thus giving them more freedom and flexibility.

When you work hard and would like to take vacation time when it is best for you we believe you should have that option.


Scheduling and Flexibility of Work at Home Agents

This all brings us to scheduling the time you work and the flexibility most work at home professionals have. Not to say that working at home will give you total control over when you work, but for many employers that work with Synergy Service Solutions, agents do have the ability to chose the days and hours which work better for them.

This is a huge benefit of working from home and running your own business. Two hour lunch breaks aren’t unheard of when you are creating your own schedule. Perhaps splitting one’s work day in half, working a few hours during the morning and the rest during the evening, is also possible with many opportunities and employers at Synergy. Many agents say this is the number one benefit they find as work at home professionals.

If working at home sounds better that driving through hellish traffic, being micromanaged, and having no flexibility with scheduling, then Synergy Service Solutions may be the answer.

Contact us to find out more about the benefits of working from home and how working from home for a Fortune 500 company may only be a click or phone call away. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, or simply give us a call and join the work from home revolution.

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