What Agents Are Saying About Working with Synergy Service Solutions

Virtual call center agents give their testimonials about Synergy, the benefits of working with them, and the freedom they achieved by setting up their work at home businesses.

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Candice S. Davis

My experience working with Synergy and Arise has been amazing. This was my first time ever working from home and honestly was very nervous about picking things up. With guidance from tech support, teachers and Synergy things worked out well.

Overall my experience has been amazing. I always tell my family and friends of this opportunity. Starting my own work from home business is one of the best things I've done. I am so glad that I found this company. Thank you!

Robert M. Seifert

Hi my name is Robert M. Seifert and I've been working for dispatching for over two and a half years. I love what I do and care about my customers, always putting myself in their shoes. I know what it's like to be stranded on the road.

Money's great and all, but caring for another person being stranded on the road means a lot to me. We leave nobody stranded. We give excellent service at all costs. Safety is our number one priority. I am very thankful having this opportunity to share my experience and story.


Darla Hollis

I have been with Synergy Service Solutions since October 2015. I service as a customer service specialist for a major cruise line. During my tenure with Synergy I was offered and accepted the opportunity for advance skills. This makes my job more exciting, and easier.

I enjoy servicing from the comfort of my home office early weekend mornings or late nights during the week. The flexibility allows me to make my own schedule.

Synergy has always been just a phone call, text or email away. The response time to my questions is amazing! Ms. Andrea is always willing to provide assistance. She is professional and knowledgeable, providing pertinent information to help me make informed business decisions. Although she is professional she is compassionate enough to remember my needs regarding the vendors and my availability.

It is a pleasure working with Synergy.

working from home with Synergy Service Solutions

Sunny Callahan

I have been out of the workforce for a couple of years due to being a very busy stay at home mom. I had looked into working from home options before but never really felt comfortable with the idea or found a program that fit my needs.

A few months ago I was once again conducting a research online when I found an article written about Arise. I was nervous about the process at first but after joining up with Synergy Services all of my doubts were completely gone. Synergy Service helped immensely, walking me through the process and helping me find a client that was a great fit for me.

I'm now able to create my own schedule and I am surrounded by support for any questions that I might have. This truly has been a blessing for my family and I.



Ernesto Lewis Sr.

I have been with the Arise platform for less than a year now. During that time I have worked for one client and that was a great experience. I was new to Arise but had worked from home several years ago. I can say that one of the greatest things that you can do is the find an IBO company that you can trust and that will support you. I didn't understand that part of the business so I didn't want to take that on right out the gate. Synergy Service Solutions was just what the doctor ordered, I called and spoke with Andrea prior to deciding on partnering with her company and she was wonderful in explaining what she did and how the process worked. I was especially impressed with the fact that she didn't just try to sell me on going with her but suggested that I looked deeply into whatever business that I decided to partner with. That to me showed her true character and willingness to help me succeed in my business adventure.

I have been very happy with Arise and all that they have to offer. Arise has several companies that they hold the account with allowing for an individual to have options as to what they want to do and the flexibility to work the hours that they are looking for. My first tour with them was wonderful and know I am about to embark on my second journey.


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