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Telecommuting Job Opportunities!

working from home with Synergy Service SolutionsThe holidays are right around the corner. Synergy is gearing up and getting ready with our telecommuting job opportunities! Every holiday season we are slammed with applications. Our most common question, are you hiring? And yes, Synergy Service Solutions is hiring!

Currently we have open opportunities with customer service, travel, roadside assistance, and energy with more being added daily. So if you want like to get a jump-start, which I recommend strongly, learn how on our website or Facebook page.

We run across so many people who think getting started with a work from home job and telecommuting will be hard. There is nothing further from the truth. If you would like to work from home and earn good money Synergy Service Solutions will help you get started with the perfect telecommuting job opportunity. It’s easy-peasy.

7 thoughts on “Synergy Service Solutions Now Hiring!”

  1. Sounds good. But is synergy a job agency? Wound I get a call if a job becomes available with a company, or would I be working for synergy Service solutions?

    Also, are you from hiring?

    1. Synergy is not a job agency. We allow individuals to partner with our company and we will review your skill set and interest to determine the best client company to match you with. We are currently looking for agents (Independent Contractors) that have the desire to select their own work schedules, while providing awesome customer service for our clients. Our goal is to make sure we set you up for success! We do this by taking you step by step through the admissions process, requirements, expectations, and finally making sure you are trained appropriately. This added support and follow-up will allow you to become one of our Undisputed Top Performers.

  2. Synergy Service Solutions, LLC. partner with great companies and help them by providing work from home agents for the positions they have open. Therefore if you are interested in working for a fantastic company you have the opportunity right now. We have positions open but they are being filled fast!

    Complete the short form on our contact page and an agent will be following up with you shortly.

    We look forward to speaking with you.

    1. Hi Daisy,

      Thanks for the compliment. Hopefully the information about work from home opportunities was helpful. Keep in mind we do have a staff. Anyone will be happy to answer questions you may have. You can call us directly at (844) 326-8413. We just added new virtual positions! We look forward to hearing from you.

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