Remote Jobs: Telecommuting Opportunities

Remote Jobs and Working Outside of the Office

by Randy Derrell - July 27, 2018

working-from-home-remote-jobs-agentFor most, the thought of remote jobs and working from home would be a luxury. However, they are becoming more popular by the year. Many companies now offer the flexibility of employees being able to work remote jobs or virtually as a perk. Indeed, working from home may be the difference in choosing one company over the other.

With the unemployment rate down to around 4% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics companies are finder it harder to attract talent. On the other hand the low employment rate is giving job seekers the ability to be choosy. So when a company is offering remote jobs it can help it stand out and be a top pick.

The Benefits of Working Virtually

When big companies are competing for talented job seekers offering virtual positions can mean a big difference. Human Resources will be quick to spell out benefits accompanied with remote jobs. Of course, employees wouldn't have to make the drive back and forth to work.

But in addition, one may find several other benefits that may make the difference in her particular situation. For example, agents can usually set their own schedule some discretion. Secondly, the need to run out and buy lunch during lunch break would be eliminated. Here are a few more benefits of working remotely:

  • better focus - less distractions
  • savings on gas
  • no micro-manager
  • control you break schedule
  • work with your pet
  • coffee in the kitchen
  • no office gossip
  • more time spent with family

Sure, there are move benefits to consider when working from home and considering remote jobs. However the most important thing to consider is probably would it be the right thing for you. If you're an introvert a perfect fit. On the other hand, social butterflies may miss the traditional grind. The average person may fall somewhere in the middle.
At the end of the day you will have to consider what moves you and why you enjoy doing the work that you do.

Matching Personality and Positions

Remote jobs get a lot of attention because most only dream of working outside of the office. Nevertheless, you can't have a shy person taking calls for a marathon drive. You wouldn't want an introvert selling family packages for cruise liners. Someone highly enthusiastic should not work in a funeral home.

Find the right position for you. You do not have to take the first telecommuting position you find because there will be others. Make sure you can see yourself growing and thriving in whatever job you choose. Doing so will ensure you'll be productive, probably earn more money, and stay excited about what you are doing. Remember, a remote job should bring you benefit. If not, it's probably not the right thing for you. Or, maybe it's simply the wrong job.

In closing, here are a few companies that help work from home agents find remote jobs and work from home opportunities. Arise, Appen, Liveops, Working Solutions, Synergy Service Solutions (Arise partner), TTEC, etc,. Synergy Service Solutions will walk you through the process of finding the right work from home job and help you get started.

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