Record Breading Temperatures and the Need for Roadside Assistance Call Center Agents

Cold Weather Causes Hiring Frenzy for Roadside Assistance

Record breaking temperatures and job creation: you wouldn’t believe the two are related in any way, but they are. While the cold weather and snow does play a roll in the increased number of plow trucks and city workers there is another industry benefiting from this fidget condition. No, we’re not talking about the HVAC technicians who come out to repair overworked furnaces. Here, we are talking about roadside assistance.

vehicle being towedRecord breaking lows are dominating most of the United States. Though this is Winter temperatures are still cooler in some areas and regions than normal. Some Norther parts of California are in the forties near freezing. Parts of New Mexico is below thirty-two degrees. Even parts of Norther Florida like Orlando have recently been dipping near the freezing point at night. Though it is not uncommon for temperatures to drop below their norms occasionally this lengthy cold-snap which is blanketing most of the United States is uncommon. One of the unfortunate results of this bitter cold air is vehicle break-down, which can be a dangerous situation if one’s stuck freezing on the side of the road.

This ongoing deep-freeze is sure to go, but being that this is just the beginning of the Winter Season Meteorologist are certain we are just getting started. Thus, the huge need and demand for Roadside Assistance.

According to many companies which offer roadside assistance contact centers can barely keep up with the incoming calls. Many companies which offer roadside assistance are on a hiring frenzy trying to keep motorist safe and moving off the shoulder of so many roads. Synergy Service Solutions say they’ve been hiring virtual customer service agents for roadside assistance for the last two months and still trying to fill seats. Considering we’re in early January, and how the North-east and other regions are getting pounded by snow and low temperatures, they’ll probably be hiring agents for some time.

Synergy Service Solutions is currently hiring virtual customer service representatives in attempt to keep up with the demand of so many roadside assistance companies. These positions are virtual, meaning you can work from home in your own office. If an applicant is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish, there may be added incentives.

This may be the perfect opportunity for those looking for part-time work or would like to work full-time. The blistering cold air may be with us on and off for the entire winter season so now is the time to apply. Even after the winter season is over automobiles will more than likely continue to have issues and the need for roadside customer service agents will undoubtedly still be needed. Cars can’t fix themselves.

So, while we’re experiencing this cold weather try to stay warm. Keep drinking water, a blanket, flashlight, batteries, and other things you may need just in case you find yourself stranded on the side of the road. Having a cell phone would be a big plus if you do need to call for roadside assistance.


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