How to Make Money Working from Home

working at home momThree Things Needed for Work from Home Opportunities

Many stay at home moms contact us inquiring about work from home opportunities and the requirements. To their amazement, most already have the necessities to get started. So we figured we would share some of the basics about what it would take to start working from home with one of our wonderful partnered companies.

  • An office space to conduct your business
  • A computer, hard-wired phone line, and monitors
  • A helpful and engaging personality

Your Office Space

Your office space should be a room or space set aside from everything else solely dedicated for your work space, with a door preferably if you do not live alone. This keeps down on distractions and outside noise which is important to maintain a professional environment. You don’t want a client or customer on the line with a dog barking in the background. Having a separate works pace also helps with keeping things organized.

Computer, Telephone, and Monitors

If your computer is no older than five to six years old you should not have any problems with most applications when working at home. Of course you’ll need to check specifications with the company you intend on working with. In most cases you’ll need a landline telephone dedicated for your business (most cable network phones are fine) or a headphone with a microphone attachment. Most companies do not allow VoIp (Voice Over Internet Protocol) nor the use of cell phones for business. You can get by with one monitor if it has a wide screen, but having two monitors will always work better. You may need several screens open at the same time. Nevertheless, I started out having one monitor and purchased an additional one after a couple of checks came in. After getting your feet wet you will be able to figure out which add-ons are essential for your home office.

Having a Helpful and Engaging Personality

As the saying goes, if you love doing something it shows. I truly believe this! So working with a company which shares your passion and values is important. If you want to make an impact or difference in people lives you’d probably want to work with a company which does so in one capacity or another. This way you can engage with people and situations, bringing out the best in you and others. If you want to work and be miserableness you may as well go to a regular office job. But with so many work at home opportunities most can find jobs whereas their wonderful personalities can shine and brighten someone’s day.

Though companies will go into more details and specifics, if you have the above three things mentioned you are already on your way to earning money with many work from home opportunities. It’s not hard and you don’t need magic beans. Besides these three things, all you will need is to find a reputable company which can provide you the opportunities. And because you are reading this you’ve already found a company.

For more specifics and information about work from home opportunities visit Synergy Service Solutions. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide you with more information.


3 thoughts on “How to Make Money Working from Home”

  1. I live in an apartment. Does it matter whether one lives in a house or apartment? This seems like a good opportunity but didn’t know if what I’m asking makes a difference.

    Also, my computer is about three years old. Would I be required to upgrade or get a new computer?


    1. Glad we could help. If you have questions feel free to contact us via Facebook at or call us direct at (844) 326-8413. The office gets really busy so if no one answers leave a message and someone will follow up with your shortly.

      Thanks again.

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