Companies Hiring Virtual Agents

working-from-homeIn this new year companies are hiring virtual agents rapidly. Since President Trump announced the tax cuts more and more companies are hiring. According to the United States Department of Labor over two million jobs were added to the market in 2017. In January of 2018 alone there were already over 200,000 new jobs. Many of the jobs added to the market are virtual agent positions. There are several reasons for this new trend. But for the most part companies are being more competitive when attempting to attract talent.

The Virtual Agent Incentive

Giving employees the opportunity to work from home is an attractive incentive. When trying to attract the best talent out there companies are using technology to let employees work from their own space, at home. Those scouting new job opportunities love this incentive. When the average trip time to work in a large city is near an hour each way it’s easy to understand why being a virtual agent would be a huge plus for job seekers.

In addition to shortening lengthy trips to the office giving employees the ability to work from home also helps employees with a better work/life balance. And that balance comes in the form of indirectly shortening the work day. This is accomplished again with eliminating the drive time. Once two hours of drive-time is eliminated all of the sudden that employee has more time for her family and other things she may need to do. Now working a job isn’t so time consuming. Almost anyone could appreciate more time in a day outside of work.

So companies are hiring and willing to be very creative at getting those spots filled: creative as giving employees the flexibility to work as virtual agents from home. Job seekers are definitely taking advantage, as more people are looking to work from home. Information about some of these job openings can be found at Synergy Service Solutions.


Contributor: Randy Derrell

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