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After 25 years in the Information Technology field, fast forward to 2015. I was becoming discontent with working in my chosen field. I was no longer the employee that wanted to stay late and work crazy hours to get the projects done. I began to yearn and wonder, if there were more to life. Technology changes constantly and most individuals in this field have to continuously invest in education or invest their spare time to stay current and relevant. I saw changes taking place that provided me a wake up call; the reality hit and it was time to make an exit plan. My previous employer was actively recruiting and hiring recent college graduates to fill management roles. This in itself is not a bad thing, however when positions are being filled that you did not know existed, and the new hire is now your boss, this did not sit well with me. During this same time frame, I had a sister that was very ill. So ill, that each day or month we did not know if she would be with us. I felt that I was letting my family down, since I could not be with them to support my sister or my other family members.

These events brought me to the decision to work my business full time from this point forward. I gave my two week notice and moved from the west coast to the mid-west. It was the best decision I could have made. Being involved with my business working from home for the last 13 years made this decision very easy and I instantly had a plan and something to fallback on. While I was helping someone to build their business all these years, I never stopped working my business. Each of us have a why, a reason we make the decision to get up each morning, or to decide that you will be happy today. You may have small children at home, that are your why. Maybe your goal is to save money for a home for your family. Let Synergy make your WHY a reality.

Meet the Synergy Service Solutions Team

Here at Synergy Service Solutions, we do everything we can to assist and empower our agents by helping them achieve their goals so that we all may be successful. This is our commitment to You!

Andrea McClendon

Andrea Y. McClendon

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Christan Stevens

Lead Recruiter and On-Boarding Specialist

Sheila Johnson

Sheila Johnson

On-Boarding Liaison / Interviewer

Dana Herrington

Dana Herrington

On-Boarding Liaison / Technical Support

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