Choose a client that works best for you! Work with companies which share your passion and beliefs.


Create your own schedule! Work the hours that work best for you and your lifestyle.


Be your own boss! Manage your business, your time, your health, and your success.

Our Opportunities

The right opportunities, all from the comfort of your home!

Cable Billing and Repair Support

Cruise Line Support Specialist

Grocery Delivery Support

Home Security Specialist

Roadside Assistance

Tax Professional and Support

Quality Assurance

Donation Intake Support 

And Many More…..

Next Steps…

Are you ready to trade in that long daily commute, for a stress-free stroll with morning coffee in hand to your home office? Learn how to embark on this exciting journey today!

About Us

Synergy Service Solutions was established in 2004 and our business allows us to help our clients and our work-at-home professionals to meet their goals and maximize their opportunities. We support Fortune 500 businesses involved in industries such as leisure travel industries, utility companies including energy, internet, cable and phone, major online and big box retailers, and many more. Synergy matches the best agents to the clients business needs. 

Our Team

Here at Synergy Service Solutions, we do everything we can to assist and empower our agents by helping them achieve their goals so that we all may be successful. This is our commitment to You!

Andrea McClendon

Andrea McClendon

Owner and Founder

Christan Stevens

Human Resource Manager

Agent Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our agents say:

“Synergy Service Solutions helped me get started with a great pick of telecommuting jobs and opportunities. Working from home is the best thing that ever happened to me!”    

Todd Hopkins

“I have been with Synergy Service Solutions since October 2015. I service as a customer service specialist for a major cruise line. During my tenure with Synergy I was offered and accepted the opportunity for advance skills. This makes my job more exciting, and easier. I enjoy servicing from the comfort of my home office early weekend mornings or late nights during the week. The flexibility allows me to make my own schedule. Synergy has always been just a phone call, text or email away. The response time to my questions is amazing! Ms. Andrea is always willing to provide assistance. She is professional and knowledgeable, providing pertinent information to help me make informed business decisions. Although she is professional she is compassionate enough to remember my needs regarding the vendors and my availability. It is a pleasure working with Synergy.”   

Darla Hollis

“Synergy provides wonderful options and support for working from home. I am very happy with them and recommend them highly.

Lila Guillot
Grand Rapids, MI