Why your company should partner with Synergy

Businesses of all sizes are very much aware of how important customer service is to their bottom line and how subpar service in this area can be detrimental to the success of a company. While consumers have many choices when it comes to deciding where to spend their discretionary dollars, business owners realize that a customers last interaction with your business or your support staff, can be the deciding factor in customer retention.

Synergy’s mission is to be become an extension of your business, by providing agents that possess the customer service, sales or technical skill set to provide you with the support and professionalism that will allow you to present a cohesive first impression and quality experience to your customers.

Our agents are required to complete and master the training material that is designed and presented based on your business model. Since we utilize interactive classrooms, where class participation weighs heavily in determining an agents success, we are able to detect or correct potential problems with concepts or specific procedures that the agents may struggle with during the training phase.

With standardized training, you now have a strong foundation that will allow for consistent and measureable quality control. Another important piece to the puzzle is getting to know your business, your culture, and your expectations. If Synergy will be the ‘face’ of your business, we need to know how you wish to be perceived by your customers. Understanding these intricate details will help when applying Myra Golden’s standards in customer service skills, in order to WOW your customers.